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Southern Cross 28-65

Refit to Sail the Southern Ocean

Rebuilding Inspired Insanity with my own hands allowed me to build confidence in my ability to fix whatever goes wrong. Creative Engineering became part of my response to everything that happens on II. We are a team. From the moment we met, II and I have taken care of each other, from the near sinking of II the day of the survey and the near sinking again the night before I left to solo the world. There is an inutition we have together.  

Refit St Thomas

November 2000-July 2002


Repair of hull delamination- Refiberglassed the hull, including rebuilding the keel, rudder skeg

Replaced all Stainless steel including chainplates, deck fittings, bow stem

New rails and refit of rail structure

New electrical system throughout

Refit of engine transmission- all rubber seals failed in 7 years of non use

All pumps, electronic equipment, failed. I Iliminated the electrical water system, auto pilot, depth/wind instruments as they failed. 

Engine painted, alternator, starter,solenoid, fuel system rebuilt

Standing rigging and bow pulpit replaced

for more information: II refit to sail the world


Refit Ireland

August 2002 - August 21, 2003

During the crossing to Ireland, the steering vane lost its rudder and trim tab leaving me to hand steer three weeks to arrive in Ireland. The steering vane was rebuilt by craftsmen in Crosshaven, Ireland. Major work was done on the electrical system to prevent shorts on board. The deck hull joint failed giving me a very wet ride, and finally allowing 100s of gallons of water to seep in when II was on her side while using the tide change to clean the bottom. I epoxied the entire rail on the inside of deck hull joint to keep water out and conceeded that I needed to  do a total rebuild of the joint before going on a longer sail offshore which I was already planning then. Ronnie Cass did amazing work on II and reinforced rigging that had SS flaws in rig. I was able to refit blown out sails at MacWilliams sail loft. I was ready to go again.



Preparation: first Circumnavigation

July 2005-November 11 2005



Refit in New Zealand

May-November 2006



Refits before Non-Stop sail

November 2012- NOW!!!


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