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Captain Donna Lange
Founder Sail Twice Around
Fastest America Woman to Solo Circumnavigate the World

Bob Philburn-Team Manager

Bob Philburn Yacht Management


Title. Double click me.

Wilfred Barbeau - Publicist/Pressk

International Publicist and Consultant

Fundraising, Sponsors, Press

On Team for first circumnavigation

Joan Conover -

Communications/Ham OperatorTi

Master Ham Operator, Seven Seas Cruising Association Cruising Station coordinator, Computer software and hardware experttle. Double click me.

Billy Black Photography for Sail

World Reknown in the Yachting Industry, Billy found me at the mouth of Narragannset Bay to photo shoot my arrival after solo sailing from Bristol to Bristol. There was a tornado warning as I made my way sailing up the bay. Billy went all the way to Bristol, giveng me a hip toe into the dock. He will be covering my sail from preparation to start and the finale. Thanks Billy.

My Children

Ptarmigan, Kristy, Cooper, and Keel

My support system not only as my famiily but for refit, design, marketing, photography, Medical support, and the wonderful grandchildren I adore.

Ernie and Linda Moore-

My Parents

Support Team throughout all of my offshore sailing from circling the N. Atlantic, through the solo 2 stop sail around the world.


Red Port Global Marine Networks

Dave Spalding,

Robert Rosenkranz,

Jamestown Distributors Total Boat 

Bristol Marine,

Subsalve USA Inc,

Weems and Plath

Joan and Gregg Conover,

Steve and Beverly Leers,

Scott Berg- Chardonnay

Herreshoff Museum,

Cape Horn Steering Vane

Bell Plantation,

SeaStar Treasure Shop

Bristol Elks Members,

Halsey Herreshoff,

Dr. Anthony Nathanson

Dr. David Leinquist

Lifespan Marion Hospital

Island Planet Sails,

Bacon Sails ,  


Rudy's Pub- Lake Worth

Palm Beach Sailing Club

Jim Grey

Bruce Schwab,

Vela Sailing Supply,

Sue Stewart

Monthly Donors on Paypal:

Tara, Kevin

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