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The SailTwiceAround Team is alerting potential sponsors and advertisers about Donna Lange’s upcoming traditional and epic solo sail around the world using only celestial navigation and SSB communication, Changing the world of sailing forever.


Donna has already solo sailed the world with two

stops making her the fastest American woman to

solo sail the world.


In 2015 she leaves to solo non-stop, the first

American woman to do that.


But more important she will be testing an

innovative floatation system from the world

expert in floatation, Subsalve, Inc. as well as test

other innovative emergency equipment.


She will be doing marine conservation research. As the Executive Director of OceansWatch North America, marine conservation, research, and sustainable solutions is a primary interest which she will further on this trip.


She will be doing the trip Celestial Navigating with no GPS on board, and with the use of the SSB for weather and communication. There will be a transponder on board and potentially satellite feeds for output of information, but my intention for this trip is a Walden journey and to write as well as do the research.


Her intention is to bring to surface the need for genuine seamanship skills in this day of high tech lasitude. The Ocean, as you all know, is not humbled to electronic equipment. Though the benefits are obvious of having the equipment available, they should not be a substitute for genuine seamanship skills.


Preparations are well underway and we are looking for targeted sponsorship and advertising vendors. With a cloud based software boosted technology of and and publicity, will have a streamed log, transponder positioning, and plans to stream photos and video. Your advertising and channel will be boosted around the world in a global network. The site will become home page to many who will follow daily. During Donna’s last sail, 2000 people a day were watching her progress daily. With Marine Motion in place, the readership will explode. Join Team Sail Twice Around with sponsorship, advertisement on my website, create a channel with MarineMotion and participate as you follow me during my upcoming sail around the world and Change the world of Sailing forever. 

Thank you


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