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Send Off Event Program: July 26, 10am Herreshoff Museum Dock

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10:00am Coffee and Continental buffet. Dockside Signing of Donna's Sail

10:30am Sail Twice Around Team Thank you and Recognition of Sponsors and supporters, 2002, 2005, 2015.

Song: For the Love of Oceans by Donna Lange and Bob Philburn

11:00am Words from Town of Bristol, Sponsors, family

11:30am Seaman's Blessing- Halsey Herreshoff and Ministers of faith

11:45am Song: Tina Loureiro followed by Rich Danforth on the Uilleann Pipe Aire- Lonesome Boatman

12:00pm Send off from the Dock. Donna sails away (given appropriate weather)

Welcome to the Send-Off program for Donna Lange as she departs to Solo Sail Around the World Non-Stop.

In 2002, Donna first sailed into Bristol starting a circumnavigation she envisioned to slowly voyage around the world as a minstrel. Her first stop was Ireland. During that voyage, she only began to unwind and she dreamed of a longer time on the ocean.

In 2005, She returned to Bristol to begin a one stop world sail. She completed that sail in 2007 with 2 stops, making her the fastest American woman to solo circumnavigate the world.

Donna now, 10 years later, will solo the world non-stop from Bristol. A seasoned professional sailor, with an incredible team leader Bob Philburn, Team, and many sponsors over 15 years, she refitted her Southern Cross 28’ sailboat, Inspired Insanity.

This voyage incorporates new innovations in safety, marine surveys, and an opportunity to write her story.

The Greater Story is about the People that have opened their hearts, given of their time, and believed in possibility. They support Donna as she dreams dreams and works hard to see them realized…Faith. The substance of things hoped for. When we can know, we can bring it to be.

Thank you All.

Event Committee

STA - Bonnie Blue

HMM- William Lynns, Ex. Dir.

Liz Marchi, HMM Event Coordinator

Sail Twice Around Sponsors

Herreshoff Museum

Halsey Herreshoff

Red Port Global Marine Networks

Robert E Philburn, Jr.

Will Barbeau

Dave Spalding

Robert Rosenkranz

Subsalve Inc. -Richard Fryberg

Scott Berg – Chardonnay

Jim Grey


Jamestown Distributors

Bristol Marine- Andy Tyska

Bristol Elks Members

SeaStar Treasure Shop

Joan Conover

Steve and Beverly Leers

Cape Horn Steering Vanes

Ocean Planet Energy

Bell Plantation

Weems and Plath

Island Planet Sails



Bacon Sails

Vela Sailing Supply

New England Yacht Rigging

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Red Port Global Marine Networks

Dave Spalding,

Robert Rosenkranz,

Jamestown Distributors Total Boat 

Bristol Marine,

Subsalve USA Inc,

Weems and Plath

Joan and Gregg Conover,

Steve and Beverly Leers,

Scott Berg- Chardonnay

Herreshoff Museum,

Cape Horn Steering Vane

Bell Plantation,

SeaStar Treasure Shop

Bristol Elks Members,

Halsey Herreshoff,

Dr. Anthony Nathanson

Dr. David Leinquist

Lifespan Marion Hospital

Island Planet Sails,

Bacon Sails ,  


Rudy's Pub- Lake Worth

Palm Beach Sailing Club

Jim Grey

Bruce Schwab,

Vela Sailing Supply,

Sue Stewart

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Tara, Kevin

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