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Town of Bristol to host Donna Lange, sv_Inspired Insanity for preparation for nonstop solo world sai

Donna Lange, the fastest American Woman to solo sail the capes around the world. She is leaving late to July to become the first American Woman to solo nonstop. Bristol is her home port. She has been leaving and returning since 2002, a circ of the North Atlantic and my circ of the World. Now, She will go non stop.

Key goals: to Publicize

  • The unique and genuine dynamic qualities of Bristol RI to a world-wide audience who will be interested in my sail and will be looking to build new yachts, summer their yachts, do seasonal refits and repairs, as well as enjoy the beauty of Bristol RI.

  • As a world class sailor and “cruiser’, working as a delivery captain and in yacht maintenance, I know the breadth of the potential market that makes these choices…They come from all over the world.

  • Classic seamanship skills, women’s, youth sailing and marine conservation/research, key goals of my sail.

  • Innovative safety equipment for offshore/near shore sailing

The town Administrator of Bristol, Anthony Teixeira and his staff are lining gearing up to support these efforts.

Bristol Marine continues to sponsor my efforts hosting me to do final boatyard preparations in Bristol.

Bristol Harbormaster Gregg Marsili graciously has offered to collaborate on events as the upcoming summer yachting season begins and renovations continue on the Bristol Waterfront.

The Bristol Yacht club has always offered a home club for me in Bristol which I continue to appreciate…and will enjoy as I live on Inspired Insanity during final preparations to set sail.

  • May 26-29: Before I leave Florida on my sailboat, May 16th, a Reception will be planned in Bristol that will generate publicity that will carry over toward the Events planned through the following 2 months prior to my send-off.

  • Date TBA- June/ July: Provide a public event including speakers from the trades, classic sailing skills from local renowned sailing experts, to youth perspectives on sailing beyond racing, racing in Bristol, and including the National Women’s sailing Association, and safety emphasis. I am planning to incorporate innovative safety testing and marine conservation during my trip so will hope to include input with speakers from RWU and safety sources. This event can benefit local marine organizations, youth sailing etc.

  • Date TBA-June: Private events that will raise funding to support Sail Twice Around so I can most successfully depart to sail non-stop around the world offering sponsor/publicity/advertising opportunities generated from my sail to a worldwide audience. My sail will generate tremendous exposure on social media, TV, and daily readership on my website, Marine Motion web and TV stations from around the world. It will incorporate local wineries, wine testing, Keel Vodka…etc. All to be developed over the next few weeks.

  • July 25-26: A send-off will include local musicians including myself, opportunity for locals to sign my sails, and other events geared toward youth and adults, potentially a cook out etc. and an opportunity for me to thank the town and all involved etc. I am hoping a local entity will offer to help arrange this event. I am approaching some venders to contribute focusing on RI based products. Discussions have begun to do event at Rockwell Park in Bristol, the send-off from the new town dock.

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