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Amazing photos by Wolff in 2006

This is what amazing women do for other women...I was at the customs office checking out. Doris Angie, and Jane, all incredible world sailors were on my boat leaving me little christmas packages, Thanksgiving goodies, encouraging tid bits, 'Never Never Never, Give up' was on the ceiling above my pillow in my bunk....Deliciousness. They all took such good care of me. I had an amazing sail to Teira Del Fuego, tucked into their presence. It was incredible to look up from the dock yesterday and there Doris was. Wow. !!! We love being women sailors!!!!!

This picture was taken when I was getting ready to leave NZ for Cape Horn..Yesterday, Bob and I came into a dock in Fernandino, Fl...There they were, Doris and Wolff. A miraculous meeting spontaneously happened...

What a special night. This is Doris, like Santa Claus, climbed down into Inspired Isanity and left gifts and flowers every where. ...big hugs xoxoo I will see them again soon as they move down the coast heading then for the Bahamas.

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